How Much WIll it Cost?

Prices for our training sessions are listed on our Training Sessions page.

When Will We Train?

Training session times differ for each level and depend on the time of year the session is held.  Please see our Training Sessions page for details.

How is Beach Volleyball Different Than Indoor?

Sand and sun, for starters.  While beach and indoor volleyball’s bases are the same, there are some nuances to the rules and the game.  Beach volleyball, in many ways, is different than indoor.  Ultimately we would rather you try it and tell us!!!

I'm on an Indoor Club Team, Can I Still Play Beach?

You can absolutely play beach volleyball with Sandstorm because it is an outdoor club and does not affiliate with any indoor club teams.

How Will Indoor Volleyball Help my Indoor Game?

It will increase your vertical jump, strengthen your joints, and improve your communication, ball control, speed, agility, and ability to read your opponents.  You will also become a better strategic attacker and round out your game overall.

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